Sports Bottle (SB39)

Sports Bottle (SB39) comes with a flip-open lid with a safety lock that makes drinking easy and prevents spillages. The handle on top of the cap makes for better support when carrying the sports bottle. Suitable for single colour or full colour printing of your corporate branding.

  • Volume: 1500ml
  • Material: PC BPA Free
  • Colour: Light Blue, Pink, Turquoise

Minimum order quantity of 50pc is required for this BPA-Free Sports Bottle Printing, wholesale price applies!

Contact us for an exclusive wholesale rate for bulk orders!



1.5L Sports Bottle Printing comes in 3 unique colours which you can incorporate into your corporate brand and design. It is made with BPA-free material that is safe for consuming your beverages. Featuring a flip-open lid that can open using just one hand when on the go. Consist of a handle on top of the cover for convenient carrying. Having a BPA-free bottle comes with many benefits. This is the ultimate promotional gift to stand out from the competition.

Water bottle printing singapore_SB39

This BPA-free water bottle comes with a straw that makes drinking even easier. Not a known common fact but straws actually promote healthy drinking. Straws can help limit the contact between liquids and teeth, which could help prevent cavities if you’re consuming something sugary or acidic. This is especially true for front teeth, which can become stained or discoloured from repeated exposure to harmful liquids.

Water Bottle_SB39_OPEN VIEW

BPA-free water bottle is a great gift to do corporate printing for your events, campaign marketing and many more! Most water bottles when they are not in bags they are handheld. Making them a great way to have your business promoted when people see your logo or design. 1.5L Sports Bottle Printing is suitable for single-colour and full-colour printing of your corporate branding. We can also source other BPA-Free Water bottles should you have an alternative preference. Speak to us now for a comprehensive customisation service!