Lunchbox Promotional Gift

New Product Launch

A custom lunchbox is not just one that carries your food but one that delivers hearty meals to the stomach while being eco-friendly. Also, what is a better gift than a lunchbox to go with yummy cereals? Featuring 5 different animal mascots for its cereal brand, each representing a different type of cereal, Fairprice approached us for a custom lunch box printed with the individual mascots.

The size of the lunchbox is completely customised by us as Fairprice wanted the lunchbox to be able to fit sandwiches, not too big or too small, along with 2 compartments and a cute spoon!

Did we also mention that both the lunchbox and spoon are made of wheat fibre? It is environmentally,  microwaveable and also safer for kids as well!

lunchbox promotional gift

Dwelling into the eye-catching 5 colors of the lunchboxes and spoons, they are specifically picked from the pantone code used for the mascot! So the entire lunchbox could look complete and attractive as a whole! A transparent case is also chosen to be able to view the appetising and hearty meal inside the lunchbox.

Why a lunchbox? The lunchbox creates the identity of the 5 mascots, not only does it appear on the packaging of the cereals but the lunchbox as well bringing a sense of belongingness.

In this project with Fairprice, we are focused on creating and customising this promotional gift carefully with all details provided. The lunchboxes, a promotional gift, acts as an attraction to the kids or parents pushing for the sales and purchase of the cereals.

At TREA, we are here with you in the journey of designing and producing your very own custom made products for greater purposes such as new product launch, brand awareness marketing, corporate gifts appreciation, and you name it!