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Koufu Pte Ltd

Dinner & Dance 2018

It is no surprise that companies are always looking for unique gifts to give their staff during the annual dinner and dance. A good corporate gift is one that is high in usability and exclusiveness. Below we dive into one of our D&D corporate gifting project!

Our client, Koufu Pte Ltd, was inspired by the National Day goodie bag which was a printed shoulder tote bag with a sling carry. We suggested for some changes to be made, such as switching from plastic to stainless steel buckers to connect the sling strap. Magnet clip buttons were chosen over zips to better manage cost while not neglecting primary function of closing the tote bag securely.


Our client considered staff usage and added external and internal pocket customizations to the bag. Carry straps were also customised to a canvas red colour that closely resembles its corporate brand logo. We provided a few rounds of physical samples were being made, each being better improved versions from the previous.

In the design department, we also took into consideration the aesthetics of the canvas tote bag. Our client gave us the creative freedom to decide on the font for the chinese characters that they wanted to print onto the tote bag. This minor design work was a complimentary service for our client. After four revisions of this customised canvas bag, we had the finished product produced and delivered on time to the satisfaction of both parties.

D&D Corporate Gifting Koufu

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