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JD Sports – Mask Pouch + Mask Strap + Packing Fulfilment Service

Apart from the purchase of your custom corporate gifts from the right vendor, it is crucial to be able to see through the process from product to packaging and finally delivering it to its rightful owner. No matter how well your product is, when it falls into the hands of careless or disorganised vendors. Your product will be deemed unprofessional and might lead to a bad reputation in your industry. Be it a gift, additional notes and labelling, down to the details of your packaging will be handled solely by TREA! Take a look at how JD Sports Singapore tasked us with the whole process of their custom corporate gift!

Our client JD Sports Singapore supplies the latest and greatest branded street-style and sports fashion goods for over 30 years, with thousands of exclusive products. The JD Group now has over 2600 stores in 20 territories, including over 830 JD Sports stores, as they continue to expand worldwide!

JD Sports Singapore has entrusted TREA to provide full customisation on a drawstring mask pouch, custom mask packaging and labelled with their custom corporate identity. We work directly with our manufacturers to ensure the dimension, material used and most importantly colour is right. Providing them with a fuss-free service from gift to packaging and bulk delivery to them. The custom nylon drawstring mask pouch is chosen with their audience in mind as we are in midst of a pandemic and this gift will be of use to people of all age and genders! It also comes with a strap to secure the mask and the drawstring pouch also consist of hook for attaching your keys! Additionally, a custom mask packaging to wrap it all up!

Fulfilment Service
Fulfilment Service