JBL’s 75th Anniversary 

Custom Limited Edition Drawstring Pouch

A limited edition custom designed drawstring pouch? Look no further! We have the honour to manufacture this limited edition pouch designed by local artist Tiffany Lovage and Kenneth SBW for JBL, an addition to their giveaway along with their Charge 5 Portable Bluetooth speaker and sticker pack to celebrate their 75th Anniversary.

JBL Anniversary Drawstring Pouch

‘Inspired by living and taking life by the moments, the vibrant artwork celebrates JBL’s 75th Anniversary and depicts the one-of-a-kind, spirited energy of the brand as it sweeps you away into the tropical landscapes of our urban island where the party never ends.’ (Lovage, 2021)

With the proposed edge-to-edge bag print method and fabric used, the drawstring pouch is then able to showcase the designer’s work and enhance the mood board and branding. With our professions, we are able to carry such vibrant one-of-a-kind complex artwork.

The pouch’s dimension is specially customised to fit the JBL charge 5 speaker. Not only does it compliment the campaign, it is able to be used as a marketing tool due to the success of capturing the eyes of many.

Why a custom drawstring pouch packaging? Other than being able to store the newest JBL charge 5 portable bluetooth speaker, it can be used to store other essentials on the go. It is just the perfect size, handy enough to be carried through all your errands and journey! Psst…it can be customised with your corporate branding to help differentiate your company and competitors! Making it the perfect addition to the giveaway.

At TREA we are able to transform your “blueprint” into “live”, to complete and support your marketing campaign with a limited edition collateral as you can customise anything from scratch with us like custom drawstring pouch packaging! Speak to us now!