Customised Cooler Bag

Environmentally friendly? Keep your hearty meals warm? Practical? You name it! This custom cooler bag launch is produced by TREA for our clients at White Beehoon. The objective was to customise their cooler bag and to be display at every outlet to promote their new selling product.

Other than its handy carrier, the cooler bag features a clip on the top to ensure a choice of open or close, by clipping the opening, the food is able to stay warm for a longer period.

Another feature to mention is the heavy duty foil inner lining to maintain internal temperatures for hours thus, keeping any scrumptious meal you have warm! As it maintains temperatures for several hours, it also means to lengthen the life span of its bag, promoting the brand continuously. With its practical functions, a cooler bag is a eco-friendly alternative for plastic bags as well as it can be easily carried around and is lightweight.

Keeping their brand colour consistent is our utmost priority when creating this Custom Cooler Bag Launch. To make the colour and logo details vibrant and pop out, digital printing is used for this purpose. Not only does it match the colour of the brand, to create a connection. It is also able to bring out all the intricate details in the logo. With a customised gift, that matches the brand colour. It not only creates a connection but to allow easy recognition!

At TREA, we provide the best recommendation to suit your needs and requirements. From custom dimensions to additional features to printing method. It’s all doable. We also ensure the quality of the customised merchandises down to its material and printing to match your objective! Chat with our product expert to discover more about our product customisation service!