10 Best Custom Gift for Teachers’ Day

What do teachers really want for Teachers’ Day? It is definitely a question that has been through every child’s and parent’s mind. It is a day to recognise the importance of a mentor in our life and expressing appreciation to those who stood by on the good days and bad. There are many gifts out there that you might deem appropriate for the teachers, however, are those things that they really want? Whether it is a personalised gift for your favourite teacher or a customised gift to express your gratitude, we have it all under wraps! Consider a gift that is both practical and thoughtful, that really shows your appreciation! We narrowed down 10 Best Custom Teachers Day Gifts for you!

1. Custom Metal Pens 

Have you seen a teacher walking around school without a metal pen? The answer is unlikely. There will never be enough pens for teachers out there, even with a whole bunch of stationary on their desk, nobody will complain of too many pens. Your customised metal pens can be personalised with a thoughtful message or reminder for your teacher and would be a staple in your pencil case!

With a wide range of Custom Metals Pens for your selection, for example, a twist pen, a stylus pen or the standard cap pens.These practical metal pens are a crowd favourite for their usability and affordability. With a surface area to add on that special teacher’s name or initials, customised metal pens will always be an ideal gift for teachers from all levels and subjects.

You can also customised it with Custom Pen Slots for that sleek and chic gift or the USB Pen Printing for that teacher that is always carrying his laptop around. Metal Pens are more professional and tend to last longer than standard plastic pens, and with more premium functions like the Custom Stylus Pen which has a stylus tip for that teacher who needs to reply messages but finds it hard to put their pen down during the grading session. Gifting Metal Pens are practical and affordable, might seem like a simple writing utensil but this Teachers’ Day gift might just be one that will accompany them through hours of marking and grading of papers.

2. Stainless Steel Mug with  Straw

Having to take a class and looking out for students trying to sneak out of the class, that is definitely a headache all teachers want to escape from. Don’t let mixed up bottles be one of them! The Stainless Steel Mug with Straw can be customised with individual names, school logo and comes with a rubber lid, rubber sleeve and a cleaning brush for the straw. With 3 sizes and 4 colours for your selection, they are perfect as a gift with a personal touch! These custom stainless steel mugs  are easily washable and reusable which promotes hygiene. The rubber lids minimise spillage and the rubber sleeve allows you to have a good grip on your mug be it when you are having a cold drink or hot! Fits well with most fabric cup holders, therefore best to take away of your beverage!  We are often reminded to minimise the use of plastic bottles thus this Custom Stainless Steel Mug with Straw makes a  gift with a good cause!

3. Canvas Tote Bag or Lunch Bag 

What could be worse than having a pile of assignments to grade? Misplacing their  stationery or having to dig through their work bag for that one paper clip to keep all those worksheets together? Solve it by gifting them Custom Canvas Bag in a variety of sizes for their documents, stationeries, for the use of their lunch money or just as a handy bag for organising! Customisable with their names, initials, a thoughtful message or even with your class photo! Available in many sizes and designs like the drawstring canvas pouches  or the canvas tote bag, it is an ideal gift for teachers to store their loose worksheets and teaching materials. Canvas bags are practical and usable for many functions, and can be easily folded up for convenience too! Suitable for that teacher who loves to be super organised and will always and forever have a memory of you whenever they see the canvas bag. Thoughtful, practical and memorable, the Canvas Bag Singapore is one of the top picks for a Teachers’ Day gift.

4. Ceramic Coaster Printing

One of the nightmares for teachers out there would be having to go through a bunch of worksheets just to end up wetting it with condensation from that iced coffee she had on her desk. A custom coaster with a thoughtful message or with any design printing would be ideal for that teacher who always runs around with a cup of cold drink. This custom ceramic coaster can act as a paperweight, comes with a layer of corkwood that prevents slipping and catches all the water droplets from staining the worksheets! It is ideal for printing a motivational quote, your teacher’s favourite catchphrase or a witty message to brighten your teacher’s day. This customised ceramic coaster is definitely a keepsake as custom teachers day gift!

5. Custom PU Notebook

We have not seen a teacher without a notebook with random scribbles of reminder. Definity a staple item in most educators’ work bags!  The Custom A5 Notebook is ideal for a customised corporate gift as this comes in a variety of colours for you to mix and match with to give to your teachers according to their favourite colour. The PU Notebook is hardcover single-lined A5 sized and customisable with various methods of printing. Perfect for that busy teacher who slots random sticky notes in pages as it comes with an elastic band. Or for that teacher that likes to scribble notes on random pages and lose them, not anymore with the ribbon that is attached to the notebook! As mentioned, a notebook is essential for most teachers out there. One that is of a manageable size, fits into most of their bags and easy to carry around on their daily walkabouts. Customisable multiple printing methods like heat transfer, silkscreen printing and the crowd favourite, embossing. Embossing on the Leather PU Notebook gives a little more life to it, adding a chic and sleek visual appearance to it because of the gold/silver 3D effect given.

6. Vacuum Flask Engraving

After a whole period of explaining theories, the last thing that your teacher wants would be holding their thirst till they are back in the office. Save them this trouble by giving them a Custom Vacuum Flask Bottle! Having a vacuum flask engraved with names  makes it much easier for them to identify their bottles, this also keeps their beverages hotter/colder for a longer time. Designed similar to the shape of a water bottle, it gives a comfortable grip for its users. Made with Stainless Steel material and comes with a tight fitted screw on cap for that minimal spillage. The custom vacuum flask comes in 3 sizes and an array of colour for your selection! Your teacher will definitely appreciate this thoughtful customised vacuum flask as a teachers’ day gift.

7. Custom Drawstring Pouch

A gift that serves only one purpose has a short lifespan. A gift that does not contain sentimental values and does not hold close to your heart, will generally end up in the trash. Therefore, it is always recommended to get a multifunctional gift! A simple drawstring pouch that can be used for various occasions, a custom drawstring pouches that speak to your teacher’s heart. A custom drawstring pouch as a secondary gift that adds value to your primary gift, no more rushing to buy wrapping papers! The personalised drawstring pouch can be used as a carrier for a snack bundle for that teacher who is always seen snacking or a carrier for that beautiful teacher to keep her daily essentials? Maybe to that IT teacher who is always carrying around his portable chargers and multiple devices? A drawstring pouch is handy and versatile for different occasions, can act as a compartment pouch in their work bag too! Customisable with your class slogan, a class photo or even a humorous quote that brightens up their day whenever they take a look at it.

8. Laptop Sleeve Printing

When the examination dates draw nearer, you will start to see teachers lugging back examination worksheets, their daily school assignments, their daily work bag and not forgetting, their laptop. This might be a headache for those teachers who have to commute by the public transport daily to and from school. Ease their headache by giving them a Custom Laptop Sleeves! Available in many colours and sizes for your selection, sleek and form fitting for hand carry or as an extra layer of protection before putting it in a larger bag. The Laptop Sleeve Printing gives a padded protection from dents and scratches, and has a double compartment to put small items like their thumb drives or hard disk! The custom laptop sleeves can customised with heat transfer printing and silkscreen printing, ideal to personalise it with your class slogan or your school logo for your teachers!

9. Custom Document Bag

Looking for something a little bigger than a laptop sleeve? A document bag has another padded sleeve for their laptop and is big enough to keep their documents and daily essentials in it. A document bag with an adjustable sling is easy to carry and consists of multi-functional pockets. Customisable with You will see less of your teachers lugging around bags after bags with their handful of worksheets anymore when you present them this Document Bag. Sturdy and durable for long use, a document bag is fitting for those in the education sector!

Custom Laptop Bag

10. Zipper Pouch Printing

Zipper pouches are great gifts as they are multi-purpose and teachers will use the zipper pouches for many occasions. Have an ideal size or design that you would like? Custom Zipper Pouch can be customised to your preferred size, thickness and colour with printing as well! Have your custom zipper pouch stand out with your house colour zippers or have additional pockets to add to its functionality! Canvas Zipper Pouches come in a variety of sizes and can be customisable with multiple printing methods. These zipper pouches can be used for storing documents, lunch bags, stationeries, medicine pouches or even a bag for your teachers to keep their markers in class. Printable on the exterior or interior of the zipper pouches, they make good gifts as a class identity as well! Up the game by customising the zipper pouches with unique gold, black or silver hardware on your zipper pouch! Practical, affordable and usable, the zipper pouch is definitely one of our top corporate gifts!

To sum it up!

Teachers will feel appreciated when students put a little extra thought into their gifts, it shows that the values being taught has been locked inside the student’s mind. Teachers’ Day gifts should be practical and affordable and not just something that can be discarded after a single-use. The 10 Best Custom Teachers’ Day Gift are thoughtful and include a high sentimental value which cannot be bought off the streets. Let your teachers be reminded of memories that might have been kept away when you present them with customised gifts!