Custom Cutlery, Straw & Ice Cube Set

TREA provides cutlery set printing services for our range of custom cutlery set. These high-quality cutlery sets and metal straws come in different designs to cater to your requirements.

The cutlery sets vary in materials from stainless steel, ABS to wheat fiber. Thus, they are reusable and useful in a variety of settings. Firstly, it is ideal for the working class who often takeaway or pack their own food. Secondly, it can also be used for camps, etc. Thirdly, it promotes hygiene and clean eating habit. Thus, it is suitable for kids too. Moreover, they are all eco-friendly.

Due to ocean pollution, many eateries or convenience stores all around the world have started to ban and limit the use of straws. Thus, it is time to step up our environmental efforts and switch to a healthier and more environmentally friendly alternative. Stainless steel straws are reusable, easy to clean, great for travel and environmentally friendly. Since it is BPA free, it is perfectly safe to use. Additionally, the sophisticated design makes it a perfect gift. With that, it is definitely an ideal corporate gift!

These cutleries come in compact sizes, handy and convenient to be brought around. That way, they are travel friendly, increasing your chance to care for the environment with each use. They are shatter-proof as well! With a large number of benefits, this can easily be one of the best corporate gifts.

You can print your design artwork, logos or text on the cutlery sets. Promotional and corporate gifts with high usability leaves a stronger impression as compared to gifts that are left untouched. Thus, customised cutlery set printing are gifts that receivers will appreciate. On top of that, we can also source for similar unique products that are not in our catalogue. Contact us today for a comprehensive customisation service!