HBO Asia – WestWorld Private Launch

Before the release of the highly acclaimed HBO hit television series Westworld, TREA was approached by HBO Asia to customise a unique corporate gift for them. This product was a keychain whiskey bottle. Even though it was out of our product range, we had managed to source for it.

The material used is a 304 stainless steel, safe for consuming liquids. Even though the keychain may be an accessory, we have put special thought in considering that it may be used for liquid consumption. Each whiskey bottle was then engraved with the Westworld title logo.

The packaging box was also discussed with our client. We made mockups of a customised packaging box from scratch to fit the keychain whiskey bottle. We then added branding and advised on gloss lamination as a layer of protection and for a premium outlook. Both whiskey bottle and customised box were from different suppliers but packed in-house upon receiving stock.


The end product was an exclusive corporate gift fully customised accordingly to our client’s requirement. One in which we showed determination and dedication to complete the best merchandise to suit our client’s event. This project would go on to cement our place in the hearts of high profile clients.


The HBO GO project was another project with a product that was out of our catalogue. Our client had wanted a custom LED Cube that was a unique corporate gift for their event. What we had found was a USB chargeable LED Cube that comes with battery-included remote control for different light colour options.

We were faced with the challenge of printing over rough matte surface material but still overcomed all adversities. In the process of custom printing the product, we left our advice for slight changes to the design which might affect printing. One such example is the copyright logo which was advised to increase in size for visibility on the finished product. Although it was customised in small quantities, this unique customised LED Cube gave our client an edge over their competitors.

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