Rizing – Blue Corporate Gift Set for Overseas Brand Launch in Singapore

Gifting a set of attractive collaterals for guests during a brand launch could significantly highlight a brand’s image. Our client, Rizing, an international SAP consulting firm, has approached us for their brand launch focusing on Human Capital Management in Oct 2019.

We received this opportunity from Rizing’s KL’s office for this event that to be held in Singapore. A set of customised corporate gifts were brainstormed. The products proposed required to entice the event-goers who flew in from different countries to participate in the brand launch. TREA is capable of liaising with overseas clients and providing them with ideal solutions in customised corporate gift for their events worldwide.

Brand colour is always one of the consideration in our proposal. Apart from ensuring the accurate brand colour to be printed on the gifts, we would propose gift with colour that is closest to the brand colour. Therefore after understanding our client’s brand colour and preferred gift categories, we proposed these 3 products. An electric blue Vacuum Flask, a metallic blue Name Card Holder and a Travel Adapter printed with Rizing’s logo in respective Pantone blue. A specific model for both Vacuum Flask and Name Card Holder were selected due to them having the closest colour to Rizing’s corporate blue. This makes them the best walking advertisement for the company.

Working together with our client for consistency in this gift set, we suggested a single tone logo to appear on all of the proposed corporate gifts. As the Vacuum Flask and Name Card Holder were made with stainless steel material, we proposed laser engraving for logo imprint. Laser engraved logo is ever-lasting on the product and able to ensure attention to logo details. Therefore it is always the top recommendation for stainless steel products. As for the pure white Travel Adapter that was selected, it is the best neutral canvas for Rizing’s corporate blue logo to stand out.

We are very grateful that the client has trusted and tasked us to take on this project which requires cross border communication. It is also our honour to propose gifts that could compliment a brand’s corporate colour. Customised corporate gifts are not restricted to print, however the product selection and colour itself plays a big part. Having your gift in the company’s corporate colour works more effectively as it stands out among other gifts in the market.

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