Ziplock Silicone Pouch (Custom From Scratch!)

Ziplock Silicone Pouch Printing is water-resistance zip lock closure that can be customisable to your preferred dimension with a wide range of colour with a MOQ of 100pc! Ideal as a corporate gift for a variety of purposes!

  • Material: Silicone 
  • Dimensions:  Custom Your Own Dimension
  • Colour: Translucent Silicone 

Minimum order quantity of 100pc to customise Ziplock Silicone Pouch Printing! Any design can be printed, wholesale price applies!

Contact us for full customisation wholesale rate for bulk order.


Ziplock Silicone Pouch Printing (Custom From Scratch!)

Ziplock Silicone Pouch Printing is a water-resistant and practical pouch for many occasions! Fully customisable from dimensions to features on the zip lock pouch! Apart from being an ideal gift that is highly usable, and suitable for a wide range of audiences. Ideal as a stationery pouch, travel currency pouch or even as a mask pouch!

Available in various customisation methods to suit your design requirement for Ziplock Silicone Pouch Printing with a MOQ of 100pc only! Speak to us now for a comprehensive quote!