Travel Bag

Travel Bag Customised Printing is available here at TREA! This Bag comes in 6 different colourway to choose from and the option to customise it with customer’s desired company logo/name design with single, multiple for full-colour printing. This bag has many features that makes it one of the best pick on our website!

  • Material: Nylon
  • Small but Large capacity
  • Numerous pocket for storing different objects
  • The metal tube in the zipper area to give the bag a good shape in the opening
  • Waterproof
  • Dimension: 24cm x 13cm x 16cm
  • Colours: Pink, Grey, Purple, Blue, Navy Blue, Black

Minimum order quantity of 30pc required for this product, any design can be printed, wholesale price applies!

Contact us for full customisation wholesale rate for bulk order!

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Travel Bag Printing
Travel Bag Printing

Travel Bag Printing is available here at TREA! This product comes with 6 different colours to choose from. Giving customers more selection and also customising it with their company logo/name with single, multiple or full-colour printing. The 2 tone colour gives it a very unique look and design making it less boring.


When not in use, this bag can be flatten making it easier for users to keep it. This Traveler Bag might look small but when in use, the capacity is alot especially with all the added pockets and spacing. This allows users to pack as much item as possible by fully utilising the space.

Travel Bag Printing is made using nylon material which is durable and having waterproof material is very useful in portecting your contents from getting damaged by water. It is high in usability and quality. Furthermore, the metal tube on the zipper gives the bag a good structure while protecting the contents inside.

This Bag can be personalised with printing and supply at MOQ of 30pc. We can also source for other Toiletries or Cosmetics Pouch if you have an alternate preference. Speak to us now for a comprehensive customisation service!