Wine Bottle Cooler Bag (Custom from scratch!)

Wine Bottle Cooler Bag is perfect for picnics, gifts for your colleagues or just going to your friend’s house to enjoy a glass of wine! It can be customised with additional features. Featuring 3-way zipper, adjustable sling strap, and an interior divider to 2 compartments. This Cooler Bag is designed to store two bottles of beverages. The inner compartment is insulated with aluminium. This Cooler Bag can be printed with any corporate logo/name with single, multiple or full-coloured printing,

  • Material: Non-Woven or Oxford
  • Aluminium Insulated Interior Compartment
  • 3-way zipper, adjustable sling strap, and an interior divider to 2 compartments
  • Dimension: 34cm x 23cm x 12cm or Custom to your own dimension!
  • Colours: Any fabric colour of your choice!

Minimum order quantity of 300pc is required for Cooler Bag Printing, print any design of your request, and wholesale price applies!

Contact us for full customisation wholesale rate for bulk order!



Wine Bottle Cooler Bag is available here, this product exterior is made from Non-Woven material which is lightweight, soft and durable. This Cooler Bag is easily carriable with its strap making it comfortable to carry and its compact size makes storing easy. Furthermore, it can be customised with any logo/design with single, multiple or full-coloured printing. In fact, cooler bags are always hand-carried when people go out hence they can be used as a walking advertisement to market your company and message.

It is also eco-friendly as it is reusable, allowing you to make a positive impression on your customers. Having your brand/logo printed on a wine bottle cooler bag creates greater visibility for your business. Custom gifts are eyecatching and appealing to any customer, and they give you the opportunity to raise awareness about your company/organisation. Custom gifts especially are always important tools to show your appreciation to your customers. These bags are extremely useful, even for customers who do not drink a lot of wine. They could store their favourite beverages, ice pop and many more! In such warm weather like Singapore, having a cooler bag is an ultimate must-have here. It keeps your drinks cool and fresh on the go. Furthermore, you could use it for corporate events involving wines or bottled drinks that are required to be chilled/warmed for a longer period of time.

Cooler bags are a practical and thoughtful gift, that can make any recipient jump in joy. TREA have a wide selection of Custom Cooler Bags available. Still can’t find the bag you are looking for? Let us know and we will source it for you! You can follow and explore our Instagram @shopwithtrea for more product inspiration and custom corporate gifts for your customers. Speak to us now for a comprehensive customisation service!