Sports Armband (SW04)

Comfortable Custom Sports Armband with padded velcro arm strap. Easy access to your mobile device with front velcro pocket opening. Suitable for one colour, multiple colours or full-colour printing.

Minimum order quantity of 50pc required for Custom Sports Armband, any design can be printed, wholesale price applies!

Contact us for exclusive wholesale rate for bulk order!



Custom Sports Armband is a convenient phone and accessory carrier when going on a jog! This running armband comes with a padded velcro arm strap, making securing easy as a pull and press-on. It’s commonly worn on the arm, which makes it simple to retrieve and put back your item after use. Moreover, it has a headphone or earpiece hole to stick the wire through the hole to connect to your phone. Which works especially great for those who still using wired earpieces!

An amazing promotional gift that works best for the fitness and travel industries is our Custom Sports Armband. But why? Running armband comes with plenty of benefits that make it a must-have. It is designed to be convenient, fit and comfortable. Hence why if you are a lazy person but want to get fit. This gift will work wonders for you. Just throw all that you need in and start your workout. On top of that, it’s a unisex gift which you can give anyone and everyone. Furthermore, it’s great for those that need a sudden run to get the stress out of the way. So start customising your gift with us!

sports armband

On top of that, this gift is an amazing and efficient marketing strategy. Armbands are those gift that is worn outside and can be seen as you go for a late-night jog or exercise. Which in turn means free publicity for your brand! You can pop off your gift even more, by having your design printed in more vibrant colours!

This gift is suitable for single-colour, multiple colours or full-colour printing. For more products, you can check our other range of Sports Armbands. We can also source for other Custom Sports Armbands should you have an alternative preference. Speak to us now for a comprehensive customisation service!