Gift Bundle For Occasions – Onsponge

Considering a gift bundle to celebrate occasions in your company?  Take a look at our gift set for Onsponge, a company in the educational sector that specializes in developing of +hinkingMath Programme. They have tasked us with a selection of gifts for their events, for example, their teachers’ day bundle, childrens’ day gift set or even a goodie bag for purchase with their PSLE assessment books. Sourcing for suitable gifts within the client’s budget, we are able to provide a selection of customised corporate gifts appropriate for their events.

Onsponge Corporate Gits

Custom Laptop Case

A Customised Laptop Sleeve with up to 7 colours and 8 sizes to choose from comes with a large print surface. Together with the right colour palette chosen, this will make your company identity stand out in the crowd allowing it to be a free advertisement for the company! In the education sector, in this modern-day technology, it is very seldom that you see a teacher without a laptop. A trusty Custom Laptop Sleeves that is form-fitting and can work as a document folder for their worksheets as well. It is splashproof and padded casing protects your items from dents and scratches.

Laptop Case Printing

Every Minute Counts!

Other than laptop sleeves given to teachers, our client has chosen to do digital timer printing for their teachers’ day bundle. Available in black and white in one colour or multiple colour printing. This handy digital timer is convenient for classroom use, kitchen use and even during sports activities! With a button magnet at the back for your use during quiz time, when you need that 10 minutes power nap in the office or even for that 3 minutes perfect timing for a cup noodle snack during your break time. Compact and practical, with a print surface to print your corporate identity, this is surely a good addition to your corporate gift bundle!

digital timer

Eco Cutlery Set Printing

When you think that you have just enough time to take away lunch from the school canteen, to grade a bunch of assessments and having to sort out your next lesson plan, the worst thing that could happen would be forgetting to grab cutleries! Not anymore when you have this Eco Cutlery Set with custom printing! The Eco Cutlery Set which comes in 3 colours and contains a pair of chopsticks, a fork and a spoon makes a good corporate gift as it shows that you care for your environment and are doing your part to minimise the use of plastics.

Made with wheat fibre, this Eco Cutlery Set is safe to consume food with. Showing those around you, especially your students that you are doing your part in being environmentally friendly. This corporate gift cultivates students with good hygiene practices and encourages people to bring their own food. Durable and long-lasting, if you are also looking for a lunch box, you can take a look at this Custom Wheat Fibre Lunch Box that comes with utensils as well!

eco cutlery set printing

Full Surface Dye Sublimation Bag

A canvas bag is versatile and practical in a gift bundle, not only used as a custom canvas bag but as a secondary gift to contain your other corporate gifts. In this case, the client has tasked us with a full customised canvas bag with dye sublimation printing which gives the Custom Canvas Bag a silky finish. Made from scratched to their preferred dimension and with full colour printing, this canvas bag singapore is a gift bundle when customers purchase their assessment books.

canvas bag edge to edge printing

Maze Pen For The Curious Students!

Other than a gift for teachers, our client has also entrusted us with a gift for the students. One of our pen is aimed at giving children a break from school work. Uniquely designed with a built-in puzzle, our Maze Pen with printing allows the students a break without leaving their seat! Plastic Pens can be customised with the company’s identity and branding. Fitted with black gel ballpoint pen, this Maze Pen is an interesting gift that will be enjoyed by both students and adults. Apart from Plastic Pen Printing,we also carry a range of Custom Metal Pens  that can also be printed or engraved  with your company’s logo as corporate gifts!

maze pen printing

Look For TREA For Any Occasion Gifts! 

Hosting an event might be as hectic as it seems, why add on the search for a suitable corporate gift in Singapore to the list? Not only do we source for a fitting gift for your event, we can also customise it with your company’s branding! Having us take the load off your shoulders! Be it a personalised corporate gift bundle for your company’s dinner and dance, T-Shirt Printing or even a sports team jacket with your own initials on it, we have it all under wraps at TREA.