Why Are Non Woven Bags Good Promotional Tools

non woven bag printing

With an arsenal of promotional products currently in the market, it is difficult to pinpoint which is the best. However, while certain products are sought after for specific purposes, there is one that stands out amongst the rest. It is none other than customised non woven bags. Non woven bag printing is very popular in the print industry as they are very commonly used by companies. They appear at roadshows, events and even replacing the traditional plastic bags in supermarkets. So what make them such good promotional tools? This article aims to find that out.

What Is A Non Woven Bag Made Of

Non woven bags are made from Polypropylene fabric, also known as PP. Polypropylene fibers are smooth, soft, and air-permeable. The fibers are spun directly onto a moving mesh, where they get arranged randomly. This unprocessed mesh looks a lot like cotton. This mesh is then bonded together by chemical, mechanical, heat or solvent treatment.

Characteristics of A Non Woven Bag

The process that the bag undergoes to be formed, creates a fabric that is soft, durable, light and water resistant. The chemical processes that it goes through also makes it a reliable carrier bag that can last for a duration of up to 5 years. The finalised material is

  • Recyclable
  • Reusable
  • Biodegradable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Washable
  • Packable & foldable
  • Competitive pricing
  • Easily printable

These characteristics make it a strong candidate for a promotional gift. Non woven material can be customised to different shapes and sizes. Non woven bag printing is also flexible, allowing you to flourish in designing a unique promotional product. They can be made into pouches or bags and custom printed with company logos or adverts making it the best-foregone option by many companies and businesses as it becomes a good promotional tool for corporate branding. This material is also ideal for wrapping gifts with printed texts and personalised messages on them.

Customisation and Non Woven Bag Printing

Due to the flexibility in its material fabric, non woven bags can be customised to any shape or form you desire. You can also customise it to be a foldable non woven bag so you can carry it with convenience the next time you need an extra shopping bag. There are simply no limitations in creating an attractive bag for your company.

As far as non woven bag printing methods go, non woven bags allow for silkscreen printing and heat transfer printing. These printing methods are more than sufficient to print your intended logo or design onto the bag. Silk screen printing is able to print from one to four colours which is ideal for brand logos. This print method print pantone colours accurately which works in favour to companies who have fixed corporate colours. Heat transfer printing is able to print photo images and different colour gradients. Whatever your design may be, these custom printing methods will be able to deliver.

Why They Are Good Promotional Tools

As mentioned, non woven materials are easily customisable to become bags and pouches custom printed with a company’s brand and slogan. In addition, they are also inexpensive to produce. This effectively means that they can be bought in high quantities at low cost. Non woven bags are also walking advertisements. By giving them out at roadshows, you are inevitably marketing your brand by the hundreds. Your brand is sure to gain exposure as recipients carry these bags wherever they go.

Due to their high usability and reusable trait, a non woven bag is a product that will be regularly used. At roadshows or exhibits, you are able to use it to store other customised promotional items or pamphlets regarding the event. The value of a promotional product, more often than not, is based on its usability. While non woven bags may not be a unique item, it strives on its usefulness to people using it. Businesses that support eco friendly products are perceived as more responsible and thus can attract even more consumers. You are leaving an impression to your recipients that you care about the environment.

The Takeaway

The fact that non woven bags still exist today as one of the top selling promotional gifts, speaks for itself. They may not be the flashiest but they are certainly one of the most reliable promotional tool. As a product that is low in cost, they are ideal for companies with a tight marketing budget and perfect for startups. Due to its unique qualities, non woven bags can also be kept in your inventory until they are needed for a particular event. This encourages bulk purchasing which is also more cost effective comparing with low quantity orders. Non woven bag printing also allows you to design without any limitations. In summary, non woven bags represent a very positive outlook for a company who wants to make their name heard. TREA offers printing services for customised bags and pouches for public events and merchandise marketing.