Eco Friendly Corporate Gifts – How Relevant Are They Now?

eco friendly corporate gifts

Seasoned business owners will agree that corporate gift giving is important no matter which sector you may be in. They can help you build your brand recognition while nurturing existing or prospecting relationships with your clients. However, eco friendly corporate gifts in particular are becoming increasingly popular. Here are the benefits that eco friendly gifts bring to you.

Representing an Ethical Brand Image

The most important reason for using eco friendly corporate gifts is that they are a responsible and ethical option. By choosing to buy eco friendly products, you are supporting the cause for saving the environment. From a business point of view, there are also advantages for choosing eco friendly gifts. With many people becoming more and more environmentally conscious, there is more demand for eco friendly businesses now than ever.

Giving out eco friendly promotional products at public roadshows or events will help your business appeal to a wider range of people. This will work especially well for those who are concerned about the environmental impact over the products they use. For example, someone who might be put off by a regular notepad, will be impressed by one made from recycled paper.

On the flip side, even if your customers are not environmentally conscious, most people will associate a sustainable business with one that is generally more socially and ethically conscious. As such, you will be perceived as a more caring brand.

Building Pride and Loyalty Amongst Employees

Not only will your clients be impressed by your environmental ethics, employees also benefit from eco friendly corporate gifts. They will be made to feel that they are working for a company that has genuine ethical concerns. This is a very important contribution for entrepreneurs and business owners who want their workers to stay happy and motivated.

This is done by giving them a strong sense of brand identity and a belief that they belong to an organisation that has good intent. Eco friendly products, such as recycled promotional pens and notebooks in the staff room and on desks, will help to remind employees of your company’s environmental concerns. They will feel like they are part of a business that stands for something important and meaningful.

Attracting Investments for your Business

In terms of financial incentives for going green, you should consider the fact that environmental consciousness are becoming more fashionable. Social media influencers, bloggers or even celebrities want a hand at supporting the cause.

By using customised reusable bags at trade shows and for giving out your products, you are exposing your environmental concerns to potential investors. They will be aware that ‘green’ businesses are gaining popularity and will only become more relevant as time passes. Using eco friendly products to display your branding can spark the interest of prospecting investors.

They Cost the Same as Non-Eco Friendly Gifts

Eco friendly customised corporate gifts are perceived as being more expensive than their regular counterparts. However, this is often not the case. An eco friendly product works out cheaper or the same as a similar item. This means you are essentially paying for an item with the same functions but with more value. Considering this and all the other benefits that eco friendly promotional products can bring, there is really no reason why you should not choose them.

The Takeaway

It is only a matter of time before eco friendly corporate gifts become a norm in the realm of corporate gifts. Before that happens, now is your chance to take advantage of the existing situation. And by the looks of it, you are right now standing on a win-win position. TREA specializes in custom printing corporate gifts and getting your brand out there through merchandise marketing.