Customised Corporate Gifts That Make Your Clients Remember You

customised corporate gifts

It is no secret that customised corporate gifts are an important part of businesses today. No matter the size of your company, corporate gift giving is popular in Singapore. It is a common practice that not only shows appreciation to your clients but it also comes with an abundance of benefits.

They help you to establish relationships old and new that may lead to prospecting business deals. However, in order to reap the benefits of corporate gifts giving, the corporate gift has to be one that makes your client remember you constantly.

Ever so often, we receive gifts that fail to leave an impression on us. Remember that one notebook you received at the seminar that you instantly left aside the moment you got home? Or the lanyard which you have absolutely no use for?

The truth is, customised corporate gifts are only effective if your recipients find them to be useful. That is the only way a gift will get the attention it deserves. Here are our top 5 picks on customised corporate gifts in Singapore.

Wireless Charger

People flock to wherever there is new technology and love to acquire the latest gadgets. They are naturally drawn to trying and eventually buying new electronic accessories. Wireless chargers are an example of such trends and recipients love to receive such gifts. They are versatile to use on different phone models and look great as a singular display piece on your working desk.

You will no longer need to deal with multiple cables or worry about space constraints. They are nicely priced in the mid ranges as unique custom electronic corporate gifts. Custom printing can be done in the middle of the pod so each time a recipient wants to charge their phone, they are constantly reminded of you.

Ultra Slim Power Bank

The use of power banks have become so common these days that you can hardly leave your home without one. This is mainly due to the usage of phones that have consistently been on the rise. Having a power bank these days is not enough, people want something that is handy and convenient while effectively serving all its functions. Therefore, a power bank that is slim, small and compact is always going to win the hearts of your recipients. They are very durable and do not take up space at all. You can easily bring them anywhere as they can fit into pockets, pouches and bags with ease.

Slim power banks are multipurpose. They can be used to not only charge mobile phones, but also power up portable fans and lamp lights. You can print any logo or texts, big or small onto its wide surface area. Slim power banks are regarded as one of the most valuable and cherished products in the range. As with the wireless charger, your clients will always be reminded of you each time they use the slim power bank.

Canvas Tote Bag

Here we have a customised corporate gift that has all the right boxes checked. It is a walking advertisement that is high on usability and is also eco friendly. A customised canvas tote bag is often seen as a trendy and timeless accessory that adds to your fashion style. It is not only able to promote your company brand but leaves the impression that you are mindful of corporate social responsibility (CSR).

A customised tote bag is not only a marketing tool in itself but can also be used to hold other marketing materials such as brochures and other custom corporate gifts. Canvas tote bags are unisex and very durable. They work well with recipients of all ages and can be used for leisure, work, travel and even grocery shopping. It is probably one of the customised gifts that can be constantly used for the longest time.


As you would have noticed, our picks thus far are all highly usable products that contribute to a person’s lifestyle. Custom mugs are no exception. These handy products serve its purpose in offices and homes as daily necessities. Mugs have a very long shelf life and are a must have item on your working desk no matter what you are drinking.

If printed creatively enough, you can even explore ways to put gifts in a mug. Its wide surface area makes it possible to print large designs that you may not be able to on other customised products. Mug printing has almost no limitation on the design as well for being able to print multiple colors.

Customised mug is surely a custom gift that your recipients have the most interaction with everyday. Hence creating a concrete and lasting impression from the start. You will not have to worry about the lack of brand awareness with this customised corporate gift.

Metal Pen

The sensation of holding a custom metal pen in the palm of your hand with its weight and slickness can never be compared with other writing tools. It instantly makes you feel important. As a customised product, a metal pen instantly spells class and presents itself as a formal corporate gift. Due to its whole outlook and packaging, there is a certain prestige to it along with its already high perceived value.

Both metal pen and box can be personalised with engraving and printing respectively. Customised metal pens are very good gifts for high profile clients. They will tell you that the most powerful weapon is a pen and you are about to give them one of your very own.

Customised Corporate Gifts Work Wonders

To conclude, these 5 customised corporate gifts will be able to work wonders for you as they can be used for all age groups and industries.

If you are still having trouble selecting a corporate gift from the list, you may want to think about the profile of your clients and your main objective first. Doing that will allow you to gauge which gift is more appropriate to give to them.

That being said, if you disagree with this list, there are other customised corporate gifts options that TREA provides. There is no better way to leave an impression than a gift that makes your client remember you all the time.