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Mediatek – Corporate Gift Set

Mediatek is one of our long working clients. They are the world’s 4th largest global fabless semiconductor company. They develop innovative systems-on-chip for mobile devices, home entertainment, connectivity and IoT products. Over the years, we are grateful to have had the opportunity to produce and even design their corporate gifts. Check out the projects we have done for them over the years!

Lunch Box and Cooler Bag

This is the very first project we have done for Mediatek. Our clients want products that their employees will use almost every day. Hence, they chose a lunch box and a cooler bag. What’s great is that their employees can carry the lunch box to work with the cooler bag keeping the food even fresher.

Laptop bag and Vacuum flask

In the next project, our clients choose a laptop bag and vacuum flask to be given to their employees. The laptop bag can store their laptop and other essentials neatly as they head to work! Additionally, a vacuum flask keeps their favourite drink warm or cool for a long time.

Custom from scratch polo shirt and tote bag

Moving on to more exciting projects, this time our clients gave us the opportunity to design and create a custom shirt and tote bag for their 18th anniversary. The design they envisioned was to have a circuit board design which symbolises their brand. From the request, we curated a few drafts and finally, we reached our final design shown on the tote bag. For the shirt we faced some challenges, initially, our clients wanted the same circuit board design on the shirt. However, after doing the mockup for them. Our clients find there are too many details. They decide to go for a simple look.

Custom keychain with a Real mini chip in it

This keychain was one of the most challenging products we have done. Our clients request to put their rejected mini chip in their keychain and wrap it up with custom box packaging. We communicated this request to our supplier to ensure this mini chip fits in the keychain. With our skilled suppliers, they are able to make a partition for the chip to be placed nicely in the keychain. From there our production, carefully place the mini chips into the keychain. In the end, our clients are very satisfied with the end results. So, it’s a mission accomplished for us!

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