Best Thank You Gift For Your Colleagues

Co-workers make some of the closest friends you have and they are those who have been through thick and thin with you, they are also compatriots of pain and frustration! Thus, it is only natural that you will want to give them a thank you gift.

From parting gifts to thank you gifts, they are excellent ways to express gratitude when words are unable to. Let us look at some of the gifts that are exclusive and personal which are great for your colleagues!

1. Custom Stainless Steel Mug

When it comes to corporate gift for your staff, one would thought to get something practical and useful, with a personal touch. How about those new colleagues that you have not got a chance to get along with?

Then, drinkware is a great gift to consider! Discussing about what drinks to get, which bubble tea to go for? Our Custom Stainless Steel Mug comes with a sleeve, lid to prevent accidental spillage, stainless steel straw and thermal properties which holds your beverages at their supposed temperature for a period of time.

Apart from its great thermal properties, our Custom Stainless Steel Mug is also customisable with your corporate branding and engraving of individual name! Thus, making it an ideal gift set for your staff, colleagues, clients and  partners for events and celebrations!

2. Custom Collapsible Cups 

Practical, highly-usable and lightweight, our Custom Silicone Collapsible Cup comes in a variety of colour and sizes. It is environmental friendly, convenient and easy to keep and carry around.

Made with BPA Free Silicone material which is safe to use and able to withstand content temperature of -50 degree to +200 degree!

Engaging your audience to reduce the use of plastic, this collapsible cup is customisable with your corporate branding and individual name by laser engraving! The engraving will not fade even after many washes! 

3. Custom Stainless Steel Cup

Having this unique looking Custom Stainless Steel Cup which is highly-usable for wide range of events and customisable with your corporate branding.

Ideal for that colleague whose desk is filled with collectibles and has a taste for non-conventional gifts! Comes with a lid to minimise exposure and is also able to keep beverages chilled/warmed throughout.

Apart from being stylist, this Custom Stainless Steel Cup can be customizable with individual name which makes it a great gift for your colleagues!

4. Laptop Sleeve Printing

Bringing laptop on the go? Our Laptop Sleeve would best fit the scenario. With your corporate branding printed in single or multiple colour, personalised the sleeve with individual name printing for any occasion! This highly-versatile laptop sleeve can also be used as a document holder! One bag with many purposes suitable for a huge range of industry audiences. Available in wide variety of colours too!

5. Small Canvas Bag 

Look around and realised that colleague of yours who always hold multiple items on hand for lunch? Or the one who always put their belongings into your lunch bag when you guys are out for meal.

Our Small Canvas Bag would be the item that they would love to receive! Small enough to carry around, yet big enough to keep your valuables! Customisable with your corporate branding or their individual name in heat transfer printing, this will be their go-to lunch bag or meeting carrier without the hassle! It is also an ideal pairing with a custom canvas bag for larger scale corporate events!

6. Document Nylon Folder

Our Custom Document Nylon Folder is great for your colleagues who love to multi-task, a little of workaholic and will appreciate extra compartments. Available in a variety of colours, this nylon document bag is multi-purpose for your documents and laptop. Surely, it can be used as a lunch bag or an all in one carrier when you have to travel to meet your clients.

Comes with a wide variety of colours, our Document Nylon Folder can be customisable with your corporate identity and with individual name printing to make it a unique gift for your colleague.

7. Custom Zipper Document Sleeve

Unsure what size of document bags to get? Consider our Custom Zipper Document Folder that is made of high-quality durable nylon material and can be customisable to your preferred dimension, fabric colour and features to suit your design requirements.

The choices to add extra compartment on the interior and exterior of the laptop sleeve, to the type of zipper colours to be customisable too! Protects your laptop from scratches and double up as a hand carry pouch to keep your stationaries and document whenever you are heading out for a meeting!

Comes with a wide variety of colours, our Document Folder can be customisable with your corporate identity and with individual name printing to make it a unique gift for your colleague.

Which Thank You Gift best suits your colleagues? 

Having that colleague who is sincere and willing to cover for you makes a huge difference in this corporate world. With your current workload to juggle, colleague who will popped by to check on you and rant together with you might be an angel sent!

Show your appreciation by gifting them a thoughtful and practical gift with a personal touch!

Have an alternative gift in mind? You can take a look at this Top 7 Gifts To Show Appreciation To Your Employees to read about more alternative for corporate gifts!

Speak to us as we will be able to source for more corporate gift which will better suit your audience, budget and customisation!