The 5 Best Corporate Gifts to Print for Your Clients in 2019

customised corporate gifts

It is the New Year 2019 and what better way to kick off your business year by planning ahead with new and innovative corporate gifts for your clients. Customised corporate gifts are often neglected with companies opting to go with cliche gifts that are usually less attractive.

The benefits of corporate gift giving may be one that takes time to reap but its pay off is definitely rewarding. They help foster relationships with your clients which in turn open doors to new prospecting business opportunities.

Our article aims to help you build that bridge between you and your clients with 5 best corporate gifts to print for your client in 2019. Without further ado, let us begin!

Custom Non-slip Tumbler

People generally like receiving innovative items no matter what so why not start your new year with one? A custom non-slip tumbler is a thoughtful gift for corporates working in an office environment. It is a unisex gift for all ages and one that will be gladly welcomed to recipients.

As its name suggests, it does not topple which mean there is no risk of spilling. It also keeps your beverage hot or cold due to it being a vacuum flask with internal insulated walls. Moreover, you are also able to do corporate gift printing over its wide surface area. Every time your clients use the tumbler, they will be instantly reminded of you.

Premium Notebook with Pockets

Another useful gift down our list is the premium notebook with pockets. This is a gift that is easily accepted as it is an essential stationery in the corporate world. No matter how dependent we are on our digital devices, we never deny on the benefits of notebooks. They are always needed to jot down important notes or ideas.

Having a new custom notebook to start the new year is a usual practice for most companies. However, this notebook is unique for its canvas cover and assortment of pockets. You can store phones, work documents and writing stationeries with ease. It is useful gift that can be brought along anywhere for important functions such as team or client meetings.

To make the gift even more premium, you can even add in a custom printed metal pen. This is easily one of the best customised corporate gifts to print.

Wireless Charger

When it comes to products that people like to receive, nothing fares better that one that has the ability to amaze. Such is the wireless charger, one of the most technologically advanced corporate gifts in Singapore.

This is a product of the latest technology which naturally gives it a high perceived value which means your clients will definitely want to keep this for a very long time. It is compatible with all the new phone models and comes in a minimalistic design.

You can put a customised wireless charger on your desk and it will look branded with your logo. Wave goodbye to the hassle of dealing with multiple cables.

Premium Canvas Tote Bag

Premium tote bag is one of the most commonly used canvas bag across the globe. They are durable and stylish but most of all, they are a great marketing tool for your brand as walking advertisements.

What you can do to your tote bag in terms of design is limitless with many printing options for you to choose from. They are also very useful as a giveaways for carrying catalogues or brochures at events so you don’t give the impression that you are hard selling.

With TREA’s premium series, you are also able to add on more compartments and accessories such as pockets, slings, zips and buttons. You have complete control of what you think works best with your clients.

Stainless Steel Cup with Straw

The number of straws being used in Singapore has risen to an alarming 2.2 million. After usage, they mostly end up being disposed off in drains, canals and ultimately the ocean, polluting our waters in the process. Some restaurants and eateries have stopping providing straws to their customers but this effort alone is not enough.

Stainless steel straws are excellent replacements to the single-use plastic straws. They are functional eco friendly gifts that reflect greatly on your company’s corporate social responsibility. You can get the stainless steel straw that comes with a brush for hygiene and cleaning purposes. The set is then packaged in either an eco-friendly wheat box or a customised drawstring pouch with printing.

The stainless steel cup with straw is not only useful but it also tells your client that you are mindful and care for the environment. Leaving a positive impression on your clients is just as important as the gift itself and this corporate gift will definitely do that for you.

The Takeaway

There you have it, the 5 best corporate gifts to print for the New Year 2019. With all things considered, the most thoughtful customised corporate gifts are more often than not, the most practical ones. Give your clients something that they can remember you by if the goal of your intentions is to keep them.

It is never too late to start on new ways if this wasn’t something you have thought about much before. This list of corporate gifts can be found amongst our extensive variety of customised corporate gifts.