8 Best Customised Travel Corporate Gifts For Your Clients 

Fretting about a gift for that client who seems to have everything? Or for that client who seems to be in Japan today and Canada the next? We came up with a list of best customised travel corporate gifts for your clients! We rarely hear about people not wanting a gift that is practical and high in usability! Let’s dive down to it right now! 

1. Backpack with Laptop Compartment

Starting from the basic needs of a traveller. A trusty backpack that acts as a carry on and a go to backpack to keep your daily essentials during sightseeing. Custom Backpack BP26  is ideal for that travel enthuse as it comes with 3 compartment, an external bottle compartment and an inner laptop lining. With a large storage space for items and having it as a backpack evenly distributes the weight, therefore you can have a longer day having fun! Durable and highly usable for clients who likes to go around the globe, yet still accessible to their laptop for meetings and also having that extra space for their shopping loots!

2. Non Woven Drawstring Pouch

When it comes to travelling, one is sure to be burdened by the packing of clothing and essentials needed for the trip. “Have I brought everything needed?” Would be a question raised in everyone’s mind when they reached the airport. Lessen your worries with the Non-Woven Drawstring Pouch Foldable and compact, takes up just a tiny space in your carry on bag or luggage, it is highly usable and practical gift! This customisable drawstring pouches can be used for many occasions and purpose, I would recommend using it to compartmentalise your belongings in your luggage! With a wide variety of colours and, the best part to this Non Woven Drawstring Pouch, customisable dimensions! Be it for your shoes, clothing, a bag for your late night supper run, or just as a custom corporate gift bag, this fully customisable Non Woven Drawstring Pouch is one that most clients will appreciate receiving!

non woven drawstring pouch

3. Toiletry Bag

After sorting out your packing list, rolling your clothes and fitting them snuggly at the bottom of your backpack. One most important thing that you need to bring along would be toiletries! Having to pack toiletries and not finding the one with a good capacity to fit all your basis necessities would be a headache! The Custom Toiletry Bag would be your next favourite toiletry bag to bring for your next trip! Made with waterproof fabric, this toiletry bag has multiple compartment and pockets to store your necessities. With 7 colours to choose from and customisable with your client’s name or company identity, this will be an ideal corporate gift for clients and friends who loves to travel. With a zipper function to keep items from falling out and mesh pockets, one look and you will know where items are being kept! The Custom Toiletry Bag is convenient and practical, with a three layer fold to keep items from cosmetics, shavers to your shower essentials!

4. Foldable Cutlery Set

Now that we are almost done with items needed for when you pack, another unique gift for your clients would be a Custom Foldable Eco Cutlery Set. Travelling is all about looking at beautiful architectures, people watching and the best part, exploring different cuisines! Eating out and trying different types of food is a past time we cannot escape from when we are overseas,! After a whole day of walking and exploring, one would be looking forward to a sumptuous meal! This is where the Custom Foldable Eco Cutlery Set comes in place, the foldable cutlery set will be a life saving for when you take away food back to your hotel and realise you forgot cutleries! This cutlery set also promotes eco-friendliness, saving the use of plastics! BPA free and with 3 colours to choose from, this foldable cutlery set is compact and the squarish handles of the cutleries are detachable therefore space saving and popping it into your bag will not take up too much space and weigh you down. Other than having it for your travel use, the Foldable Cutlery Set can be used for your everyday meals back at the office or school! Smart and unique, compact and practical, I foresee this handy cutlery set in the bags of many!

5. Travel Adapter

The biggest headache one could have when they are abroad would be getting home after a long day exploring, and finding out that although they brought along their travel adapter, they have forgotten about the charging head! No more headache when you bring along this Custom Travel Adapter which comes in 7 colours to choose from! These travel adapters are multi adapters that can be used no matter where you are! The best part of it is that it comes with 2 USB ports for direct charging of your devices and comes with a PU casing to protect it! No more bulky accessories bag as you will not need to bring that many charging heads! The Custom Travel Adapter is customisable to match your corporate branding colour or printable with your company identity, this gift is highly recommended when you have clients who comes from all around the world!

6. Portable Charger

Wallet. Check. Fully charged mobile. Check. Fully charged camera. Check. These are basic necessities that one would need when they leave their apartment. However, as the day goes by, your device’s battery slowly starts getting drained out and with us being so reliant on our devices. We cannot do without them. That’s when you will be thankful to be the recipient of this Custom 8000mAh Slim Power Bank! Slim, lightweight and powerful, this portable charger with a capacity of 8000mAh. Able to recharge your device on the go, no need to worry about running out of battery during your exploring of the city! The Custom 8000mAh Slim Power Bank is available in 2 colours, customisable with your corporate branding, will be well received as a corporate gift as it is versatile for many occasions! 

7. Portable Luggage Weighing Scale

With all the exploring, shopping for local goodies and buying snacks to stock up back at your office pantry comes the dreadful part, making sure everything fits. After many tries of sitting on it, finally closing it up, the last thing you would want to do would be having to open it up to remove something because you are past your baggage weight limit. This can be prevented with the Custom Portable Luggage Weighing Scale! Using it to weigh your luggage before heading to the airport to avoid having to unpack your luggage there to remove items! Other than having it around to weigh your luggage, having a Custom Portable Luggage Weighing Scale is practical as it can be used for weighing of delivery parcels, family items and baggages. This lightweight and compact luggage scale will not take up space in your luggage, convenient to carry out and highly in usability. Any client would be delighted to receive this unique customised corporate gift!

8. Foldable Travel Bag

Apart from trying to squeeze everything into your luggage, another way to bring home all those goodies is to invest in a custom foldable travel bag! Be it travelling for leisure or business, one tends to grab a little too many souvenirs or local snacks back for your friends or colleagues. Gifting a durable and sturdy travel bag to your clients is a preferred choice. It makes an ideal corporate gift for companies in the travel industry and for events during roadshows! This lightweight Custom Foldable Travel Bag can be compressed and placed in your luggage or backpack when you are flying. Spacious with an adjustable double shoulder strap to withstand heavy weights, this ripstop material travel bag is also splash proof! Having it in a travel corporate gift bundle is great for travel fairs, as the Custom Foldable Travel Bag can be customised with your company’s branding and identity and would be great for a company’s trip out of Singapore!

Sourcing for Custom Corporate Gift for a wide range of industry! 

For clients who tend to travel or business partners in the travel industry, this compiled list of Best Customised Travel Corporate Gifts for your clients is just what you need! Sourcing for travel themed corporate gifts? These 8 items are practical, highly sourced for and essentials for every trip, short or long! TREA will be able to find suitable customised corporate gifts for various events! Speak to us now for an exclusive quote!