Top 7 Gifts To Show Appreciation To Your Employees!

What is a company without their employees? An average person spends one third of their life at work, that is a great number of your life spent elsewhere other than home! Having a good employee, a great work buddy makes going to work five days a week so much more tolerable. And what other ways of showing your appreciation for those who have been there, the good and bad, by giving them a gift! Not just any gift but a Custom Corporate Gift that is meaningful and high in usability!

1. USB Pen (Flash Drive + Gel Ink Pen)

There will not be a day in the office that you don’t see your employee grabbing a pen to jot down someone’s contact, writing down your next appointment. Or if you are in the IT sector, employees rampaging through their desk looking for that one thumb drive to save their document into. Not anymore when you gift them a unique USB Pen! A smart and unique flash drive + gel ink pen, this handy tool is not something that will end up in the bin for sure! The USB Pen Printing is available in 5 colours for your selection, paired with a 16GB USB Storage! The usb thumb drive is safely secured, no need to worry about losing the thumb drive when it is attached to a pen! In any case that you need to bring the thumb drive away from the pen, its slim and sleek sizing allows it to fit into your wallet, card holder, pencil case easily, making it compact and highly functional! I surely see myself loving this customisable USB Pen!

2. Custom PU Notebook

For more old school note taking kind of employee, nothing better than a trusty notebook. The biggest headache for a notebook junkie would be having the need to find a sturdy ‘base’ to support note taking, but that will not be an issue with a Custom A5 Notebook. Available in 12 colours for your selection, comes with bookmark ribbon and an elastic band to secure your notes. Made with PU Leather hardcover, the notebook can be customised with line or squared sheets. Suitable that employee whom you always see collecting cut outs for her scrapbooks or the other employee who enjoys journalling! Customisable with any design or print, this 114 page hardcover notebook would be a hit among your colleagues!

3. Microwaveable Stainless Steel Lunch Box with Cutlery

Being an office worker, it might be tough eating out all the time. Other than stationaries, another unique gift that will not go to waste would be a lunch box! Being able to take away your meals in this Stainless Steel Lunch Box helps cut down the use of plastic! A durable and BPA free Stainless Steel Lunch Box is a good choice as a gift for your colleagues as it is recyclable and can be used to reheat lunch made from home or fruits for snacks! This is cost-saving and encourages healthy eating! This highly usable gift might also score you a home cooked meal! What’s best about this Stainless Steel Lunch Box is that it also comes with cutleries and is microwavable. The Microwavable Stainless Steel Lunch Box comes with 2 different sizes and compartment choices, and various colour to choose from, personalised with a name or a nice note making it a practical and meaningful gift. Going all out on being eco-friendly and having a positive impact on those around you, brings me to my next suggestion!

4. Food Grade Silicone Collapsible Mug

Other than taking away lunch from the near by hawker, or bringing food from home, how can we forget about beverages! Another highly usable gift that nobody will complain about would be the Food Grade Silicone Collapsible Mug! This food grade silicone cup would be the envy of others as it can be used to store your beverages, hot or cold! Comes in 2 sizes and array of colours for your selection! This food grade silicone collapsible mug is heat resistant and provides a comfortable grip that prevents you from getting scalded! Cheers to more coffee breaks! It also comes with a hiking hook for you to collapse the mug, hook it onto your work bag and carry it with ease without taking much space in your bag! Is highly functional and suitable for all ages and occasions! Who wouldn’t want to receive this as a gift?

5. Stainless Steel Straw Set

That’s the last straw! When you had it enough with a colleague that have been pulling too many pranks on you, a witty message can be sent to them! A 4-in-1 Stainless Steel Straw Set includes 3 different straw sizes and 1 cleaning brush for easy washing of the straws. With up to 5 colours and packaging choice of drawstring pouches or wheat fibre box, this is a unique eco-friendly gift for your colleagues, pranks aside. Small, lightweight and practical gift set that makes a statement to save the environment. Hence, these straws are popular amongst the working class! Suitable for that kopi-o take away employee, the bubble tea fanatic colleague or the classy Starbucks mug using employee! The Stainless Steel Straw Printing is customisable with your company branding on the drawstring pouch, or laser engraving of their initials on the stainless steel straws, this will make an impressive appreciation gift!

6. Toiletry Bag

Everybody is sure to have that one employee that seem to be always flying around, bringing back overseas snacks to stock up at the pantry. One of the crowd favourite gift would be a bag, a toiletry bag that is highly usable for many occasions. A Custom Toiletry Bag that is versatile for various occasions, comes in 3 different sizes compromising of various compartment and pockets for extra storage. Other than a different sizes for your selection, this Custom Toiletry Bag also comes in a variety of colours! Customisable with designs and prints, it is ideal for that colleague that is always seen lagging behind with multiple bags in tow! The gifting of a Custom Toiletry Bag does not mean that it has only one use, this nylon squarish shaped toiletry bag can be used as a everyday stationary bag or even as a hand held lunch bag!

7. Canvas Bag

Let’s wrap it up! We have finally arrived at the last by not least gift to show appreciation to your colleagues. There are many unique and thoughtful custom gifts out there but one that is most usable and versatile would be a canvas bag. With a variety of sizes and functionality to choose from, a Custom Canvas Bag is a crowd favourite as it represent a team unity. A custom lanyard brings about the same meaning, a sense of identity and belonging when everyone heads out for lunch together. We have a range of Custom Canvas Bag for your selection!  A Premium Tote Bag is a 16oz thick cotton canvas bag and can be customised with various print methods. Comes with a inner zipper compartment and magnet button opening, suitable for that employee that is always lugging his laptop and document home! The Small Canvas Tote Bag is ideal during your lunch break! Small and handy to fit your lunch break essentials! A canvas bag is highly versatile and can be stored away easily when not in used, this Custom Canvas Bags promotes lesser use of plastic during a trip to the supermarket! Customisable with various print methods and print designs like your company branding and identity, it is an amazing gift to send thanks to your employees.

Showing Appreciation To Those Whom You See Almost Everyday.

Gifting of a lunch box, a set of stainless steel straws, silicone mugs or even a notebook to help your colleagues out one way or another, is a nice a unforgettable gesture. However, there is nothing more important than being nice to one another. A colleague that is always seen giving you a helping hand, or that colleague that take away an extra cup of coffee for you during a hectic proposal submission. It is a kind gesture from their part but you can play your part too! A simple, thoughtful and best corporate gift for employees can be easily sourced at TREA. We are able to source for custom corporate gifts according to your requirements and budget! Speak to us now for an exclusive quote!