5 Reasons Why Custom Notebooks Are One Of The Best Corporate Gifts in Singapore

When it comes to customisable corporate gifts either for your company or even as a promotional tool, there is often too many choices and to pick one which would be the best fit for your business. From custom canvas bags to lunch box container, lanyard printing to even sports bottles, we tend to go for the one which is beneficial and not a. redundant gift which might get tossed aside. One of the most prized custom corporate gift would be a handy notebook, they can be given to employees, clients and even as a giveaway to your customers. Let us take a look at 5 reasons why custom notebooks are one of the best corporate gift in Singapore! 

1. Essential For Any Corporate Sector

Customisable notebooks are not only for a specific targetted group of audience, rather than bulky corporate gifts which might be more of a burden than an appreciated gift, the portability and high-usability of a notebook makes it a great corporate gift for your employees, clients and even partner. A5 PU Notebook Printing (NB27) comes in 4 colours and has info and notes pages, ideal for those in the corporate world where jotting down of your daily to-do list and other important notes are crucial. Customisable with full colour silkscreen printing of your corporate branding with a MOQ of 30pc, this PU cover notebook printing is a great addition as an internal item for your valued team! 

PU Plain Notepad Printing
PU Plain Notepad Printing

2. Handy, Easy To Bring Around

Apart from A5 PU Notebook Printing which might be too professional for your target audience, you can also take a look at the Custom Eco-Friendly Notebook, which is smaller in size but has about 70 sheets and ideal for those in the education sector or even as a promotional item during product launch! Made with recycled and environmentally friendly material, featuring coloured post-it note and comes with a pen too! Eco-friendly corporate gifts shows your recipients that you care for the environment, leaving an impression of a thoughtful yet useful gift. Customisable with your corporate branding and design in full-colour silkscreen printing, it is a handy and easy to carry around for taking down notes in classes or meetings! 

Eco Notebook Printing
Eco Notebook Printing

3. Affordable & Long Lasting

Another eco-friendly choice would be the Custom Eco Notebook with Pen, the single lined notebook features a simple border which allows ample space for customisation of your corporate branding and design. This affordable notebook also comes attached with a handy pen which reduces the hassle of bringing along additional stationary. Choosing an eco-friendly corporate gift not only benefit the earth but it also shows that you are aware of the environmental impacts, therefore are taking conscious steps towards reducing our carbon footprint. Ideal as a corporate gift for your employees, partners and even clients, suitable for a wide range of industry with full colour customisation of your design and corporate identity. 

4. Flexible In Printing Corporate Branding

Unlike smartphones and other electronic devices, a notebook is a place to take down important and over time, they hold significant value as they contain your thought-process and ideas. Be it jotting down minutes during a meeting or discussing ideas with clients which can happen anywhere, this Custom A5 Leather Notebook with a hardcover will provide you a sturdy base! Customisable with a wide range of printing methods which might not be possible with the above, lightweight and comes with a string bookmark and line, square, dotted format paper option to best suit your requirement! The flexibility in customisation is also one of the reason why this is one of our best seller! With choices of heat transfer, silkscreen, debossing and hot stamping of your corporate branding, unique and long lasting printing with a MOQ of 50pc!  

Custom Notebook

5. Classy & Presentable

Custom A5 Notebook are handy, essential in the corporate world as they are more professional looking and reflects better as compared to taking down notes on your mobile phone. The worst that could happen would be when you travel out to a conference and your gadgets died on the way, and you will be scrambling to find power supply or paper and pen to take notes. A classy and presentable PU leather notebook with a nice sturdy base allows you to take note on the go, having notes or information written in your notebook can have a larger impact on your performance, it also shows your client that you came prepared and have everything written down without having the scroll through slides to explain your point across. Customisable with your corporate branding in heat transfer and silkscreen printing with a MOQ of 50pc, those who come across your notebook will also be constantly reminded of your branding and thus giving your company more exposure! 

custom A5 Notebook

Having your company branding printed with high-quality printing on the front of the notebook will not only make it an exclusive corporate gift. It will also be the first thing people have their eyes on, as these notebooks can be used daily, your brand will be etched onto other’s mind and giving your brand more exposure! Wonder why notebook is back in business? Custom Notebooks are also not expensive, making it a wise choice as a promotional gift, corporate gift for your staff and always high in demand! Does the above give you enough reason to choose a customisable notebook as your ideal corporate gift?